1974 to 1999

Club History 1974 to 1999


In 1974 David Onslow was a member of Northern Archers and a work colleague Danny Stasenka let him know that they were trying to start an archery club on the Northern Beaches and would he be interested.

The club consisted of 5 members, and was set up in North Manly, by the river on the other side of the golf links, mainly a shed which kept getting flooded (and we all know what that does to stramits), and shooting became a little hazardous at times as members of the public still wanted to walk within this public access area.

First registration card received by a member of Warringah Woodsmen recognised by The Archery Society of New South Wales

Then by a stroke of luck they heard that Warringah Shire Council was going to start allocating school grounds for sport, so Barbara Stasenka and David Onslow attending the meeting where the oval of Cromer High School was allocated to Warringah Woodsmen Archery Club in 1976.

The founding members were:
• Bob Keesing
• Pam Keesing
• Danny Stasenka
• Barbara Stasenka
• David Onslow
• David Bannerman

Warringah Archers hosted its first tournament on the NSW Society Calendar in 1977 – The Springbok tournament. Adelaide and Short Adelaide rounds were shot:

ASNSW Calendar 1977


Cathy Foster Memorial Shoot 28th March 1999

Junior Teams Trophy won by Warringah Archers made up of:

Nick Moore (U18BBR), Andrew Jennison (U16BC) and Steven Butcher (U18BBR)

Other winners on the day were:


CLUB TEAM:             Ku-ring-gai Bowmen

JUNIOR:                     Warringah Archers

LADIES:                      Illawarra Archers

GENTS:                       Epping Forresters

Sydney International Golden Arrow competition 1999

Little known fact: actress Geena Davis started archery in 1997 and two years later, competed for a semi-finals berth in the US Women’s Olympic Archery team. She came 24th out of 300 women and was unsuccessful.

However, she was given a wild-card entry to the Sydney International Golden Arrow competition held in Sydney as a test event for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Here she can be seen sitting between our Para Archers – Arthur Fisk (Bathurst) & John Marshall (Northern), with Tony Marturan (St.George) standing behind.