Wayne Jarrett Memorial

December 2023 Winner – Martijn Timmer – Recurve Male

Wayne Jarrett Memorial Shoot

MiWayne Jarratt was a member of Warringah Woodsmen during 1984 to 1988 who died of a Brain Tumour. He was a very likeable fellow, and although he was not an avid shooter, he turned up regularly to sit and watch and pass the time of day – hail, rain or snow sharing a few jokes with fellow archers. 

After his death his family donated a trophy as his love of archery was evident and the Wayne Jarratt Handicap Shoot was instigated.

This event is held in December each year.

Handicap round consists of  Junior Handicap round for U12 competitors consists of
6 ends @ 50m on a 122cm face 6 ends @ 40m on a 122cm face
4 ends @ 40m on a 122cm face 4 ends @ 30m on a 122cm face
3 ends @ 30m on an 80 cm face 3 ends @ 20m on an 80cm face
2 ends @ 18m on a 40cm face 2 ends @ 18m on a 40cm face

A perpetual trophy is presented annually: 

Honour Roll of Recipients 

2023 Martijn Timmer Recurve Male
2022 Alexander Pisko Recurve U14 Male
2021 Christopher Schaub Recurve Master Male
2020 Not Contested – COVID
2019 Keisha Lee Recurve Intermediate Female
2018 Ben Ware Recurve Cadet Male
2017 Mitchell Winfry Recurve Cadet Male
2016 Aaron Hayman U20 Longbow Male
2015 Glenn Steele Recurve Veteran Male
2014  Jacob Panetta Compound Intermediate Male
2013  Terry McCracken Compound Male 
2012 Katelin Turner Compound Female
2011  Katelin Turner Compound Female
2010  David Shannon Recurve Cadet Male
2009  Lachlan McLeod  Compound Cub Male
2008  Daniel House Recurve Male
2007 Jack Salmon Compound Intermediate Male
2006 Alex Crossman Longbow Male
2005 Nick Simpkin Recurve Cub Male
2004  Alan Wainwright Recurve Male
2003  Bradley Esposito Compound Cub Male
2002 Thomas Mann Recurve Cub Male
2001 Alexandria Stirling Recurve Cub Female
2000  Tom Irwin Compound Intermediate Male
1999 Stephen Barrell  Recurve Male
1998  Sleiman Saleeba Recurve Male
1997 John Whitehead Recurve Male
1996  Janelle Inkster  Recurve Intermediate Female
1995  Nick Moore Recurve Intermediate Male
1994  Sam Cutler Recurve Female
1993  Greg Tracey Recurve Male
1992  Robert Stubbs Compound Male
1991  Anne Greenhalgh Recurve Female
1990 Janine Morley Compound Cadet Female
1989  Jeremy MacDonald Compound Male