Most Consistent Archer

2023 Most Consistent Archer-Alexander Pisko


This event is held annually and commences on the 1st January and closes 31st October.

What do I need to do?

  1. Shoot a minimum of 20 rounds throughout the year (Easy)
  1. However, only rounds that have two or more distances involved will be considered (Yep).
  1. Must include a minimum of 4 handicap rounds, and 3 Canberra rounds (or equivalent for Juniors), with the good news being, that the balance can be made up of whatever else the archer wishes, which is listed on the Club Calendar as long as it complies with (b) above. (OK)

A perpetual trophy is presented to the winner at the Club Presentation Night. 

Honour Roll of Recipients:

2023 Alexander Pisko Recurve U14 Male
2022 Maja Kecskes Recurve U16 Female
2021 Not Contested Due to COVID Lockdown throughout the year
2020 Anton Vander Watt Compound Master Male
2019 Massimo Llana Recurve Intermediate Boy
2018 Maja Kecskes Recurve Cub Girl (U10)
2017 Andrew Catto Recurve Master Male
2016 Jack Chambers-McLean Recurve Intermediate Boy
2015 Cynthia Leung Recurve Master Woman
2014 Terry McCracken Compound Master Male
2013 Carmelo Aslanidis Recurve Intermediate Boy 
2012 Katelin Turner Compound Woman
2011 Jenny Wandl Recurve Veteran Woman
2010 Stirling Calandruccio Recurve Male
2009 Yoshiki Imiya Recurve Intermediate Boy
2008 Tom Benstead Ccompound Cadet Male
2007 Michael Salmon Compound Intermediate Boy
2006 Conan Omori Recurve Cub Boy
2005 Mitchell Dickeson Recurve Cub Boy
2004 Jack Britton Longbow Male
2003 Tom Benstead Compound Cub Boy
2002 Merrick Nacinovich Recurve Veteran Male
2001 Adrian Harper Compound Cub Boy
2000 Janelle Inkster Compound Cadet Woman
1999 John Whitehead Recurve Male
1998 Peter Toal Recurve Veteran Male
1997 James Cupaidge Recurve Male
1996 Melissa Jennison Recurve Cadet Woman
1995 Nick Moore Recurve Intermediate Boy
1994 Greg Stubbs Recurve Junior Male
1993 Todd Sterland Recurve Junior Male
1992 Roger Klooster Compound Male
1991 Todd Sterland Recurve Cadet Male
1990 Sharon Dwyer Recurve Woman
1989 John MacDonald Compound Male
1986-1988 Cora Arnold Compound Woman