Club Clout

Club Clout Championships

Everyone shoots the distance applicable to their age / equipment being shot under Archery Australia rules. Medals are awarded to First, Second & Third placing’s only.

The Perpetual trophy is awarded to the person who obtains the highest score:

  • regardless of whether they are Male / Female
  • regardless of whether they are Senior / Junior
  • regardless of what equipment is being shot 

A perpetual trophy is presented annually: 

Honour Roll of Recipients 

2023 Bree Slarke Recurve Female
2022 Alyssa Mollema Compound U21 Female
2020/21 Not Contested – COVID
2019 Jack Chambers-Mclean Recurve Cadet Male
2018 Jack Chambers-McLean Recurve Cadet Male
2017 Jack Chambers-McLean Recurve Cadet Male
2016 Stirling Calandruccio Recurve Master Male
2015 Stirling Calandruccio Recurve Male
2014  David Shannon Recurve U20 Male
2013  Kane Wilson Recurve Intermediate Male
2012 Kane Wilson Recurve Intermediate Male
2011  Lachlan McLeod Compound Intermediat Male
2010  Kane Wilson Recurve Cub Male
2009  Joshua Seymour Compound Cub Male
2008  Tom Benstead Intermediate Boy Compound
2007 Jack Salmon Intermediate Boy Compound
2006 Aimee Deaves Lady Recurve
2005 Aimee Deaves Lady Recurve
2004  Ryan Walters Intermediate BC
2003  Ryan Walters Intermediate BC
2002 Jim Mann Male Compound
2001 Adrian Harper Cub BC
2000  Not contested
1999 Not contested
1998  Andrew Jennison Cadet BC
1997 Andrew Jennison Intermediate BC
1996  Melissa Jennison Cadet GR
1995 Melissa Jennison Cadet GR
1994 Greg Stubbs Junior BR
1993 Myrtle Clarkson Lady Compound
1992 Cora Arnold Lady Compound
1991 Steve Jennison Male Compound
1990 Cora Arnold Lady Compound
1989 Mary-Grace Allchurch Lady Recurve
1988 Trent Higgs U15 BC
1987 David Lake Cub BC
1986 Scott Hunter-Russell Junior BC
1985 Scott Hunter-Russell Junior BC
1984 Not contested
1983 Bobby McComb Junior BC
1982 Bobby McComb Junior BC