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Warringah Archers is one of the oldest clubs on the Northern beaches with a 40 year history.

Warringah Archers has produced Olympians / Para Olympians, as well as International representatives in Target & Field events, both Junior & Adults.  Our club membership also enjoys a full social shooting calendar which encompasses Target / Field / Clout & indoor disciplines.  

Warringah Archers have a complete program for beginners and the dedicated archer. We hold Come N' Try sessions and Beginners Courses most weekends - book in now and see for yourself how much fun Archery can be!

2017 Handicap Winners

Warringah Archers hosts a Monthly Handicap shoot, which all members are encouraged to participate in.

The round has specifically been designed for Warringah Archers, and made up of the following distances & faces used.

6 ends @ 50m on 122cm face, 4 ends @ 40m on 122cm face, 3 ends @ 30m on 80cm face & 2 ends @ 18m on 40cm face.

*(An end being six arrows)

September Handicap Winner- TBA (23rd September, 2017)

August Handicap Winner - Mitchell Winfry - Recurve Cadet Male

July Handicap Winner - Stirling Calandruccio - Recurve Master Male

June Handicap Winner - Bryan McGuire - Recurve Male

May Handicap Winner -  Hugh Triglone - Recurve Cub Boy

April Handicap Winner - Emma Brady - Recurve Intermediate Girl

March Handicap Winner - Craig Frandsen - Compound Male

February Handicap Winner - John Holme - Recurve Male

January Handicap Winner - Jasper Schwarz - Cadet Recurve Male


Members Recognition Highlights 2017:

South Coast Field: Silver: Mitchell Campbell (CIB)

Illawarra Field Shoot Aug: Silver: Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB)

Metropolitan Championships Aug: Silver: Leanne Spencer Divn 2 (RW)

Lake Macquarie Field Shoot Aug: Silver: Mitchell Campbell (CIB)

National Indoor Championships July: Silver: Kane Wilson (U20M), Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Maria Wright (CV+W)

State Indoor Championships July: Gold: Kane Wilson (RU20M), Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Maria Wright (CV+W), Silver: Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB).

NSW Short Course Distance Championships July: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M), James Johnstone (RM), Silver: Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB), Lilia Hutchinson (RMW)

World Youth Championships, Argentia: Team announcement - Kane Wilson (RU20M) selected

Liverpool Short Distance Championships June: Gold: Lilia Hutchinson (RMW), Mitchell Campbell (CUB)

National Matchplay Finals June: Silver to James Johnstone (RM),

Northern Junior Challenge May: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB), Bronze: Gabbie Smith (RIG)

Jim Scott Clout, Illawarra May: Gold: Maria Wright (CV+W), Simon Hayman (BRVM), Ben Souchaud (RUB), Jack Chambers-McLean (BRIB), Ben Calandruccio (BRM), Cynthia Leung (RMW), Lilia Hutchinson (BRMW) - Silver: Stirling Calandruccio (RM), Alan Nolan (RVM), Warringah Archers also picked up the Jim Scott Memorial Trophy.

Black Snake Challenge, Liverpool May: Mitchell Campbell (CUB) Gold

World Cup, Shanghai China May: Kane Wilson competed for Australia

Youth Nationals, Victoria April: Medal winners were: Clout: Silver - Ben Souchaud (BRUB), Gold - Jack Chambers-McLean (BRIB). Field: Bronze for both Bobby Barr-Jones (CUB) & Kane Wilson (RU20M). Target: Bronze - Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Gold - Kane Wilson (RU20M), Short Course: Bronze Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Gold - Kane Wilson (RU20M)

NSW Olympic Athlete Grant recipient April: Jack Chambers-McLean

NSW Youth Team Announced March: Kane Wilson, Carmelo Aslanidis, Jack Chambers-McLean, Bobby Barr-Jones & Mitchell Campbell, named in team.

Asia Cup, Bangkok March: James Johnstone & Kane Wilson competed for Australia

Australian Open Individual Event March: James Johnstone (RM), Bronze and in the Open Male Recurve Team Matchplay, James Johstone, Kane Wilson teamed up with Sam Strickland (QLD) to win Silver.

Warringah Open Individual Divisions Feb: Clinton Wright (CM) Gold, Maria Wright (CW) Bronze, Leanne Spencer (RW) Silver & Kane Wilson (RM) Gold Recurve.

Warringah Open Womens Team: Maria Wright, Julia Wright, Leanne Spencer & Kiri Blinkhorne

Warringah Open Mens Recurve Team Winners Feb: Kane Wilson, Leanne Spencer, Carmelo Aslanidis & Simon Mei

ACT Championships: James Johnston (RM) Silver, Kane Wilson (RU20M) Gold, Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M) Bronze, Leanne Spencer (RW) Bronze, Bobby Barr-Jones (CUB) Gold & Mitchell Campbell (CUB) Silver.

ACT Matchplay Championships: James Johnstone (RM) Gold in the Matchplay competition

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