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Warringah Archers is one of the oldest clubs on the Northern beaches with a 40 year history.

Warringah Archers has produced Olympians and Para Olympians, as well as International representatives and a club membership that enjoys a full social shooting calendar.  

Warringah Archers have a complete program for the beginners and the dedicated archer. We hold Come and Try sessions and Beginners Courses most weekends - book in now and see for yourself how much fun Archery can be!

March/April Handicap Winners

April Handicap Winner - Glenn Steele
March Handicap Winner - Jack Chambers-McLean

March - April Handicap Winners

February Handicap Winner

Handicap Winner for February - Cynthia Leung - Recurve Master Woman.  

This was very close with both ladies finishing on the same score. Both had the same number of 10's, however Cynthia got (14) '9' vs Kiri Blinkhorne (our January Handicap Winner) shooting (10) '9'.

Clout Winners!

Warringah Archers has done very well in all three clout events during 2015, of the 37 competitors we have had at the three events we have collected 33 placings as well as the Southern Clout Trophy and the County of Cumberland Clout trophy!


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